Services and Community Programs
The Brevard Fire Department's main mission is to protect the people, property and environment of our community. The department also has numerous other programs which help the community prevent fires and injuries. 
Hazardous Materials Incidents

The department is trained to the NC Haz-Mat Operations level and handles incidents to this level. 
Emergency Medical Care

All Brevard Firefighters are trained in CPR and first-aid with many of the firefighters at the NC Emergency Medical Technician level or higher. The department cares for patients in need and assists TCEMS.
Fire and Life Safety Education
The Brevard Fire Department believes that educataion reduces injuries, fatalities and property destruction by fire.
Therefore, the department provides fire and life safety education to any group which is interested including Public and Private Schools, Daycare Centers, Health Care Facilities, Brevard College, Businesses, Civic Groups and any other group or organization which would like a presentation.
The department offers group tours, in-house educational sessions, personalized programs, and utilizes the Fire Safety House from the Transylvania Co. Fire Prevention Commision.
To schedule an educational session contact Captain Adam Hughey at or call the fire house at 883-3333.
Smoke Detector Program

Without a working smoke detector, the chances of a sleeping occupant surviving a fire is slim to none. The Brevard Fire Department offers free smoke detectors to residents of our community who cannot afford one. If you or someone you know need one of these life saving tools please contact Firefighter Gerald Grose at or call the station at 883-3333.
Home Fire Safety and Chimney Inspections

Residential fires cause most all fire fatalities which occur each year. To prevent fatalities and injuries, the fire department conducts home fire safety inspections. This allows the homeowner to recognize fire hazards in their home and to determine smoke detector placement locations and fire extinguisher locations. 

Heating season brings on the use of wood stoves and heaters. The department conducts visual inspections of the chimney and fireplace/stove to determine whether the unit needs a professional visit. 

If you would like a home fire safety inspection or chimney inspection please contact Asst. Chief Rogers at or call the station at 883-3333.
Community CPR Programs

The department utilizes their CPR instructors to teach community CPR programs. If you or a group are interested in a CPR program please contact Lt. Brad Elmore at or Lt.Chris Budzinski at or call the station at 883-3333.
Fire Suppression

The deparment is trained and equipped to handle residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and wildland/urban interface fires.